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Authentic Creative Content

Based in San Diego, CA and available for work around the globe!

Through meaningful storytelling and creative visual content, Coast City Productions helps brands, agencies and non-profits connect with audiences in new and innovative ways. Start your video production project with us today!


As true partners and creative problem solvers, we work to bring your video ideas to life. At Coast City Productions, there’s no such thing as an impossible task. Our experienced team is willing and able to tackle any project, always on deadline. Check out the variety of video production services we offer below, and get in touch with any questions.



As one of the most challenging stages in any video project, we specialize in providing Creative Development to our clients. With our team of experts, rest assured that your visual content will be nothing short of exceptional.



With a team dedicated to Pre-production, we guarantee to provide the highest quality result for all of our clients. No matter what type of video project you’re looking to create, we’re here to make it reality.

Behind the Scenes


When it comes to Post-production, you can count on us to continue working until it’s exactly the video you’re looking for while still staying within your timeline and budget. If you have questions, contact us today.

Jennifer Milliren, Business Development

Jarrod used his creative experience and passion to craft powerful content that demonstrated the impact our organization has on the community. Through his sincerity, he was able to communicate with at-risk youth about their journey and garner profound statements regarding their experience. At every stage of the project, Jarrod went above and beyond to deliver exceptional work.

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